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About Internet Outsource Tampabay
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Internet Outsource Tampabay is a coalition of professional designers, programmers and copy writers, headed by Michael Walls, dedicated to solving the problem of skyrocketing overhead for small to mid size businesses seeking a presence on the World Wide Web.

In 2001 the bubble burst for the web and venture capitalists withdrew their freely spent money. Now there is a new sobriety that demands more responsible spending.

IOT's business philosophy

Self Interest: Self interest and business survival go hand in hand. If we do not generate sufficient return from our clients we go out of business. And if we do not satisfy our clients, we go out of business as well. So we value your self interest a much as our own. In a good business relationship both parties walk away happy.

Efficiency: Internet Outsource Tampabay effectively brings costs down for the client by eliminating overhead. Numerous, ancillary expenses occur at every link in the supply chain. They often go unnoticed indicidually but, in mass, become a profound figure. Removing these expenses facilitates retention of higher quality professionals. They work faster and produce superior results, at the same time lowering cost to the client.

You get better results for less money. A seasoned professional can produce four times the output at $35.00 an hour than a junior developer can struggle through at $15.00 an hour. It is cheaper in the long run, as well as far more impressive in the end result.


Internet Outsource Tampabay offers special pricing to companies that desire a maintenance agreement - we specialize in forging lasting relationships.

Should you have an in-house staff?
Most ambitious small to mid size businesses need a dedicated team to build and maintain their web site but can't justify the complication of a full employment package. To further complicate matters there are so many government mandates and regulations you end up either attempting to get true professionals for unreasonably small salaries (won't happen) or settling for beginners - bad idea. Professionals work faster and produce superior results.

Internet Outsource Tampabay offers custom web sites and programming, ad banner and logo design, product photography and professional copy writing and editing.

We also offer pre-designed sites that can trim away both time and money and still retain a quality, professional look and feel for your all important online image. Click the link for more details.

A bio about Michael Walls - this site's creator
Michael Robert Walls
Internet Outsource Tampabay
St Petersburg , Florida , 33704 United States
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Small - Mid Size Business
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Cut your overhead.

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Cut worker overhead.

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Template Sites

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The most secure guarantee of project satisfaction is knowing beforehand what your site will look like when it's done. Selecting an existing site style saves you money by reducing time spent in "concepting."

IOT will give your site it's own unique look with a custom logo, graphics and content.

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