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cost cutting template web sites
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What is a "pre-designed" site?


A pre designed site utilizes a set of "Page Models" or "Design Styles" including a home page model and one or more sub page models. Though sometimes wrongly called "templates" they are are actually art motifs to set you in the direction you want to go.

Unlike a template where you drop text into specified, non restricted areas only, we use only these as ready concepts to get up and running in your direction. We can modify as much or as little as you desire.

Select an existing style and save money. We'll use our design skills to make it unique for you.

cost cutting templates


Our business is not designing templates - our business is transforming them into low cost, unique, custom web sites.

cost cutting templates

cost cutting web site templates

A Design Style is a pre-planned framework, complete with a navigation system, image placeholders and a set of styles to format your text. The largest portion of the cost of a web site is in the "concepting" phase - where colors, theme, text layout and navigation is invented.

When the company logo or header, proprietary images and page contents are added the site takes on it's own look. There are hundreds and hundreds of unique styles to choose from - browse through the 'Site Styles" catalog by clicking any of the links below or at the top right of any page.

It is a starter, like a Christmas tree - when you add the ornaments it takes on it's own personality.

There is also a certain comfort level in the ability to choose the look you want before proceeding. There is a style for every taste and purpose.

Browsing tips: When you browse the styles catalog click on selections you make to view at a larger size, it opens in it's own window. Leave your preliminary choices open till you're done. Then you can sort through your open options and drill down to your final choice.

Make a note of the designs you select - they are at top left and look like this:

  • Template Preview  /  AX0443CY
cost cutting templates


Do it yourself web sites? "A man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client"

cost cutting templates


template web designs
Go to the full online 'Site Styles' catalog
what are the advantages?

If you choose to go with a pre-designed site you will have the following advantages:

■ A clear idea of what your site will look like.

■ A customized Pre-Designed Site site is far more impressive than a a custom site with no budget. Quality is already built in.

■ Being able to stay WITHIN budget.

■ With literally millions of web sites online, and the huge number of site styles to choose from here, there is an infinitesimally small chance of looking like someone else's site.

■ The smaller labor cost you pay is reflected in the speed of completion - in other words cheaper and  faster!

■ You can always upgrade and add to in the future

template web designs
Go to the full online 'Site Styles' catalog
template web designs
major questions you might have
What does it cost and what do I get?

There is a basic startup fee of $150.00 for new clients. This includes:

  • Your selected site model. They average $20.00 - $30.00 each and save you hundreds in design time.
  • Setting up your local and host directories.
  • Consultation/Planning
It is basically four hours plus $10.00. Whatever isn't used up in the above processes is applied to your project. From there it is hourly. That doesn't restrict you - you can do as much or as little as you want. If you have your materials ready, a small site could be finished in one day.

See RESOURCES for detailed instructions and help on submitting your materials and cutting down on consultation time.

What are typical content pages?

The "Home Page" is your welcome mat and/or office lobby - don't burden them with too many details here, they just walked in the door. In every office building lobby there is a directory of offices in a glass frame - this is handled by the navigation panel. Treat your web site like a virtual office, warehouse or showroom.

Most web sites have an 'About Us' page because we all like to know who we are doing business with.

A "Contact Us" page is a must unless you're doing undercover work. Then you put in a disclaimer - this page doesn't exist!

Last but not least is ALL the content related to your business on aptly titled pages.

Can I use my own Logo?

Certainly! Be careful to match your choice of site design to your logo's style and colors. For example, you don't want a high tech page style for an antique business, etc.

NOTE: logos that are wide rectangles work the best on a web page.

Send your logo in electronic format. Preferably Photoshop or Illustrator files - or high quality Jpegs - if you don't have access to the original designs. See RESOURCES (Submit Graphics) for details on submitting graphics without incurring editing costs.

Can I change colors, etc.?
The whole idea of using a Pre-Designed Site is to cut production costs by inserting your existing copy into an existing framework. Your best bet is to pick a Pre-Designed Site you like.  Most site styles have color choices.
Is there a limit on the number of pages?
Each Pre-Designed Site site comes with 'page models' for three or more different sub pages that are used to create the bulk of the site. You can have as many pages as you like.
What if the Pre-Designed Site has more places for content than I have content?
The trick to saving money is in picking a design that matches your needs. The less alterations that have to be made, the simpler (ergo, cheaper) the project is. Its a common practice to have an office staffer compile the text copy to fit the content areas. In these cases the "Resources" section is a great help.
Can I add to, or expand my site at a later date?
We love repeat business! Internet Outsource Tampabay will take good care of you in the days to come.

template web designs
Go to the full online 'Site Styles' catalog
template web designs
low cost
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Be sure to make use of the Resources Section of this site.

This section is a free resource to help our clients understand some of the termonology, file types and procedures they might encounter along the way as they get involved in the process of building their web site.

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