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Outsourcing programming work

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Some popular functions from Internet Outsource Tampabay:


  • Site Search
    • Search all text on your site and display matching pages, like Google.
    • As you can see on this site, a search box can occur on every oage as well as having a main search page.
    • $150.00
  • Community Forum or Comments or guestbook page.
    • Users can write comments or exchange information and automatically post it.
    • $325.00
    • Features:
      • Rich Text Editor with Spell Check.
      • RSS Capability.
      • Display Flash and You Tube content.
      • Opinion Polls.
      • Avatars and Emoticons.
      • Bad Words Filter.
      • IP and Email Address Blocking
      • Spam Control.
  • A FAQ's page with "drop down: answers.
    • This can be requested as part of the regular hourly construction fee.
  • Database Sales Listings
    • Real estate and business brokering is now a thoroughly online business. Getting your property or business listings nationwide, or worldwide, is how business is done.
    • Although listing software is usually not a totally "from scratch" operation this would fall into the custom class. A database would have to be built for your particular needs and the software tailored to your particular business
  • Custom Forms
    • Forms can be as simple as a standard contact form to very complex and customized forms that perform automated functions such as adding up numerical data and performing secondary functions after submission.
    • Forms are the primary tools in collecting input on a web site.
    • The forn in the above link is very complex with a built in MS IE calculator.
  • RSS Feed
    • Rss feeds help ranking by supplying fresh content relevant to your site.
Custom programming is available by estimate

A custom programming task is one that has to be scripted from scratch or requires major alterations of an existing base script. However, many programming tasks are routine, so whenever an existing script is available for full or partial implementation it will be used.

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The most secure guarantee of project satisfaction is knowing beforehand what your site will look like when it's done. Selecting an existing site style saves you money by reducing time spent in "concepting."

IOT will give your site it's own unique look with a custom logo, graphics and content.

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