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City traffic can start a work day with stress

Track Man hours VS. Progress


How do I know work is being done?

This is the age old question when hiring an off-site worker.
And is the most easily answered question for internet work - you will see it, in real time, as it unfolds on your computer monitor!

To micro-manage progress you can hire the person to work full time in-house, pay salary, sick leave, SSI and benefits, etc. - OR - have access to an online progress summary like the one used by Internet Outsource Tampabay. It is quickly read and uses up less management man-hours than on-site overseeing. Off-site contractors are a small businesses' best asset - you don't pay for down time. All billed hours are productive - on the job.

When a project is started with Internet Outsource Tampabay you will be given a username and password that will direct you to your own protected area of the site. There you will find an easily read breakdown which details how many hours were spent and what was accomplished that day. You can then follow specific links to the areas of your site that were updated. You will see for yourself what you were billed for and exactly how much that stage of the project cost you.

To see for yourself how our online progress reports work:
look to the top right corner of this page to the "Client Login" box. To see a real example of this system:

  1. Copy - demo@demo.com  - and paste it into the login 'email' text box.
  2. Copy - demoAdmin  - and paste it into the login 'password' text box.
  3. Hit submit. It gives you access to special password protected ledger.
    • It will take you to the home page and you will now see see a greeting "Welcome back John (Doe)"  in the login box and a link to your private billing page.
  4. Hit the "previous page" button there to return, still logged in, to the home page.

other factors considering accountability.

Certain fields are more suited to off-site accountability than others.
- and the internet is one of the best. You can monitor progress from the contractee's location as easily as from your own.

  • You, or your project manager, can monitor off-site designers and programmers daily or moment to moment with the same amount of effort as doing it in-house.

  • In on-site design house staffers are discouraged from leaving their cubicles to converse with a project manager.  Even though they are in the same office complex - they communicate by phone or email. Their work is viewed on the manager's monitor, from his or her location in the office.  They could be doing the same thing off-site, saving the employer thousands.
With outsourcing, there is no wasted time.
You pay only for the time the developers actually need to complete your project. The days accomplishments can be viewed, in progress, as they happen.

  • EXAMPLE_Farming : A tractor sits idle in your barn (not consuming) until needed to plow a field or pull a harvester. A mule must be fed and maintained year round - need him or not.
Outsourcing reduces the time it takes to get things done.
Every accountant knows if you don't use it enough to justify purchase - lease it when needed.
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