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Programming   Programming

Special features can be programmed into your site for less than you think. Check out some popular features for your project.

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Graphic Design
  Graphic Design  
Graphic Design   Graphic Design

Professional designs will set you apart from the crowd. This is important for drawing attention to special areas of your site.

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Copy Writing
  Copy Writing  
Copy Writing   Copy Writing

Text copy on your web site is super important. IOT can saturate your existing copy with key words without changing your copy's style.

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client services
Some services are listed here on this site and some are listed on our partner site - onlinedesignFLA.com. We are the same group; this site represents the outsourcing team and services for small to mid size businesses. OnlinedesignFLA represents creative content services.

Startup deposit for new clients is $150.00. Startup includes:

  • Planning/Consultation.
    • Use our Resources and cut down on consulting time.
  • Domain name search - if applicable.
  • Purchasing a design style - if you choose that option:
    • They average $20.00 - $30.00 each and save you hundreds in design time.
  • Setting up local files and server directories.
  • Any unused portion of the deposit will be applied to the project.

Internet Outsource Tampabay makes no distinction between design services:

Many design outfits charge a certain amount for scanning images, placing an image, logo design, etc., etc. We include whatever is in the design arena for the same low hourly fee. This is possible due to the absence of contractee overhead.

DESIGN TIME: $40.00 per hour of on job work.

NOTE: bear in mind that there is no such thing as equality. Beginners can charge a lower rate but not be worth a damn! It is all about experience - hitting the ground running and coming up with greater results in less time.
programming services

Programming services are outlined on the Programming Services page. Please note that only seasoned professionals work through IOT and proven methodology cuts time needed to complete a task.

PROGRAMMING TIME: $50.00 per hour of on job work.

Note: If you seek to beat this price beware of phonies.  Real  programmers are in demand and are hard to find at this price - this is something you should consider. One comma out of place and the whole script breaks.
copy writing and editing

Well written copy is a specialty here - the copy writing and editing services are detailed (with samples) HERE.

Textual copy is the most important part of search optimization, as it is the only thing indexed by the Google bots. Popularity is a factor for Google search  - but you can't write that in!

COPY WRITING AND EDITING TIME: $40.00 per hour of on job work.


Site Submission and SEO is covered on the resources section: Optimization (SEO) is built into every site as a design standard. It is necessary to be fully optimized and ready before submitting a site for indexing.

The SEO companies thrive on older sites that were poorly designed originally. It is more sensible to have your site built right in the first place like we do.

Site optimization is done automatically during construction. The submission is done for normal design hours. don't trust software that claims to submit to hundreds of search engines with a single click. Google has eliminated all but honest, "done by hand" site submission.

site maintenence - webmaster

Internet Outsource Tampabay would love to care for your site as long as you desire!

It saves money and time to have updates and maintenance done by people who are already familiar with the methods used to create your site and who have graphic collateral to re-do a button or graphic without starting from scratch. Every web site needs a qualified and available webmaster.

MAINTENENCE TIME IS $40.00 per hour

photographic services

Internet Outsource Tampabay has twenty plus years of commercial imaging experience. Digital Imaging is at the heart of online graphics, and a knowledge of the photographic process is essential in any image editing for your project.

Product photography is available and image restoration and enhancementclick for sample of your existing images is always a specialty. It is especially useful to realtors and business brokers who have agents out in the field with hand held digital cameras.

Photographic samples are a click away.


It takes a photographer to edit a photo.
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Template Sites

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The most secure guarantee of project satisfaction is knowing beforehand what your site will look like when it's done. Selecting an existing site style saves you money by reducing time spent in "concepting."

IOT will give your site it's own unique look with a custom logo, graphics and content.

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